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A Hand Drawn Lettered Bundle FONT Download

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Download nowPublisher: Georg Herold-Wildfellner
Category: Fonts Display

High-contrast & all handmade – the powerful Sofa Sans.

75 % off on Creative Market only! The regular family-pack price is $ 87.*

Sofa Sans is a hand drawn/handmade all-caps display-family for packaging, posters, book-covers, food- and logo-design and will best stand out in huge grades. Its handcrafted character is friendly and eye-catching. Stylish features and alternates add personality and let you create unique logos and stunning headlines. Two optical sizes and extra shadow-, 3D-, inline- and hatched-styles make Sofa Sans a flexible solution for any display need.

The family boasts 4 weights from a monolinear Thin to Black, each containing more than 1000 glyphs, plenty of OpenType features and full ISO latin 1 & 2 language support.

High contrast is one of Sofa Sans’ key features. To maintain a wide range of use, choose from two optical sizes: Standard and Display with a maximum of contrast especially in the heavier weights.

Sofa Sans includes a variety of OpenType alternates which add uniqueness to your work. OpenType features include Contextual-, Swashes- and Titling-Alternates, Beginnings and Endings as well as Stylistic-Sets for even more alternative glyphs. OpenType Swashes- and Titling-Alternates are smart features which automatically adjust all swashy letters to the available white space. Switch one on and let Sofa Sans do the rest.

Bundle Features

  • Pack of 13 unique fonts plus 5 layer fonts
  • 1000+ glyphs per font
  • Shadow-, 3D-, inline- and hatched-styles
  • Desktop & Webfonts included: .otf .eot .woff .woff2
  • OpenType feature guide included
  • Multilingual support (see below)
  • PUA-Unicodes

Need help?

How to access glyph alternates

  • The easiest way is to use your apps built in OpenType features. A OpenType feature guide comes with your purchase.
  • OpenType Swashes: Stylistics Set 01 does the same
  • OpenType Titling Alternates: try Stylistics Set 02
  • If your app doesn’t support certain features, you may access alternates through your apps Glyphs panel
  • No OpenType features? No Glyphs panel? All characters are provided with PUA-Unicodes: simply copy and paste alternate characters using the Character Map (Windows), Font Book (Mac) or PopChar (for Windows and Mac). This means anybody can access all characters shown in the previews above, WITHOUT special design software.

Layer fonts and illustrator

Illustrator (and possibly also Photoshop) by default uses the lowercase d to determine the position of the (first) base line. This is why separate layers of a font may not align when they’re stacked. You can change that, though:

  1. select an area type object
  2. choose Type Area Type Options
  3. for First Baseline, choose: Leading

About OpenType Fonts:

How to access alternate glyphs from OpenType fonts:

How to use PUA Unicode-mapped fonts:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.

Have fun! Georg

Sofa Sans Language Support: Abenaki Afaan Oromo Afar Albanian Alsatian Amis Anuta Aragonese Aranese Aromanian Arrernte Arvanitic (Latin) Asturian Aymara Bashkir (Latin) Basque Bikol Bislama Bosnian Breton Cape Verdean Creole Cebuano Chamorro Chavacano Chichewa Chickasaw Cimbrian Cofán Corsican Creek Crimean Tatar (Latin) Croatian Czech Danish Dawan Delaware Dholuo Drehu Dutch English Estonian Faroese Fijian Filipino Finnish Folkspraak French Frisian Friulian Gagauz (Latin) Galician Genoese German Gooniyandi Guadeloupean Creole Gwich’in Haitian Creole Hän Hawaiian Hiligaynon Hopi Hotcąk (Latin) Hungarian Ido Ilocano Indonesian Interglossa Interlingua Irish Istro-Romanian Italian Jamaican Javanese (Latin) Jèrriais Kaingang Kala Lagaw Ya Kapampangan (Latin) Kaqchikel Karakalpak (Latin) Karelian (Latin) Kashubian Kikongo Kinyarwanda Kiribati Kirundi Klingon Ladin Latin Latino sine Flexione Latvian Lithuanian Lojban Lombard Luxembourgish Makhuwa Malay Maltese Manx Māori Marquesan Megleno-Romanian Meriam Mir Mohawk Moldovan Montagnais Montenegrin Murrinh-Patha Nagamese Creole Ndebele Neapolitan Ngiyambaa Niuean Noongar Norwegian Novial Occidental Occitan Oshiwambo Ossetian (Latin) Palauan Papiamento Piedmontese Polish Portuguese Potawatomi Q’eqchi’ Quechua Rarotongan Romanian Romansh Rotokas Sami (Lule Sami) Sami (Southern Sami) Samoan Sango Saramaccan Sardinian Scottish Gaelic Serbian (Latin) Seri Seychellois Creole Shawnee Shona Sicilian Silesian Slovak Slovenian Slovio (Latin) Somali Sorbian (Lower Sorbian) Sorbian (Upper Sorbian) Sotho (Northern) Sotho (Southern) Spanish Sranan Sundanese (Latin) Swahili Swazi Swedish Tagalog Tahitian Tetum Tok Pisin Tokelauan Tongan Tshiluba Tsonga Tswana Tumbuka Turkish Turkmen (Latin) Tuvaluan Tzotzil Uzbek (Latin) Venetian Vepsian Volapük Võro Wallisian Walloon Waray-Waray Warlpiri Wayuu Welsh Wik-Mungkan Wiradjuri Xhosa Yapese Yindjibarndi Zapotec Zulu Zuni

File Types: OTF, WOFF, EOT, ZIP, PDF
File Size: 12.17 MB

Release date: June 19, 2019
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