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A Hand Drawn Lettered Bundle FONT Download

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Download nowPublisher: Georg Herold-Wildfellner
Category: Fonts Display

A Gorgeous Family of 14 Hand Drawn Fonts – only $ 29

Written as drawn – Pinto lets you transform type into an exciting and beautiful piece of work. The irregular, hand-lettered look adds a real human touch to things and comes along with a lot of loving details. Combine all font-styles the way you want, add some ornamental swashes or banners and even a single word becomes magnificent.

Four subfamilies plus hundreds of ornaments in 1 font combo!

Flexibility is the name of the game with four subfamilies including shadow-, outline-, display- and layer-variations. On top of that is NO_05, a set of 800+ ornaments to dress up any typographic project. Browse through swashes, flourishes, dividers, corners, ribbons, banners, frames, arrows, hearts and stars. All ornaments are abundant with details and often available in different stroke thicknesses. Scale them up to meet your personal needs!

The extended character set includes uppercase letters in two automatically alternating versions (activate OpenType “Contextual Alternates”). It supports Central and Eastern European as well as Western European Languages. All Pinto-NO_05 symbols are provided with PUA-Unicodes for easy copy & paste.

The Pinto family is tailored for food-, magazine-, book- and packaging-design.

This all is included in your purchase:

  • Pinto-NO_01.otf: a narrow hand-drawn Sans Serif
  • Pinto-NO_01Shadow.otf
  • Pinto-NO_02.otf: a narrow hand-drawn Slab Serif
  • Pinto-NO_02Outline.otf: a playful variant with serifs drawn as outline
  • Pinto-NO_03.otf: a narrow hand-drawn Sans Serif
  • Pinto-NO_03Shadow.otf
  • Pinto-NO_03Engraved.otf
  • Pinto-NO_03EngravedDisplay.otf: similar to NO_03Engraved but with thinner outlines
  • Pinto-NO_04.otf: a narrow hand-drawn Sans Serif with a little bit of Western style
  • Pinto-NO_04Base.otf: combine this one with NO_04Dots for two-colored designs
  • Pinto-NO_04Dots.otf: combine this one with NO_04Base for two-colored designs
  • Pinto-NO_05Banners.otf: 333 different banners ribbons & frames
  • Pinto-NO_05Swashes.otf: 484 different swashes, flourishes, dividers & corners
  • Pinto-NO_05Symbols.otf: 275 different arrows, hearts & stars

You’ll also find a PDF displaying all Pinto-NO_05 symbols, swashes & banners within you purchase. Simply copy & paste all symbols you like into your layout.


Pinto Language Support:

Abenaki Afaan Oromo Afar Albanian Alsatian Amis Anuta Aragonese Aranese Aromanian Arrernte Arvanitic (Latin) Asturian Aymara Bashkir (Latin) Basque Bikol Bislama Bosnian Breton Cape Verdean Creole Catalan Cebuano Chamorro Chavacano Chichewa Chickasaw Cimbrian Cofán Corsican Creek Crimean Tatar (Latin) Croatian Czech Danish Dawan Delaware Dholuo Drehu Dutch English Estonian Faroese Fijian Filipino Finnish Folkspraak French Frisian Friulian Gagauz (Latin) Galician Genoese German Gooniyandi Guadeloupean Creole Gwich’in Haitian Creole Hän Hawaiian Hiligaynon Hopi Hotcąk (Latin) Hungarian Ido Ilocano Indonesian Interglossa Interlingua Irish Istro-Romanian Italian Jamaican Javanese (Latin) Jèrriais Kaingang Kala Lagaw Ya Kapampangan (Latin) Kaqchikel Karakalpak (Latin) Karelian (Latin) Kashubian Kikongo Kinyarwanda Kiribati Kirundi Klingon Ladin Latin Latino sine Flexione Latvian Lithuanian Lojban Lombard Luxembourgish Makhuwa Malay Maltese Manx Māori Marquesan Megleno-Romanian Meriam Mir Mohawk Moldovan Montagnais Montenegrin Murrinh-Patha Nagamese Creole Ndebele Neapolitan Ngiyambaa Niuean Noongar Norwegian Novial Occidental Occitan Oshiwambo Ossetian (Latin) Palauan Papiamento Piedmontese Polish Portuguese Potawatomi Q’eqchi’ Quechua Rarotongan Romanian Romansh Rotokas Sami (Lule Sami) Sami (Southern Sami) Samoan Sango Saramaccan Sardinian Scottish Gaelic Serbian (Latin) Seri Seychellois Creole Shawnee Shona Sicilian Silesian Slovak Slovenian Slovio (Latin) Somali Sorbian (Lower Sorbian) Sorbian (Upper Sorbian) Sotho (Northern) Sotho (Southern) Spanish Sranan Sundanese (Latin) Swahili Swazi Swedish Tagalog Tahitian Tetum Tok Pisin Tokelauan Tongan Tshiluba Tsonga Tswana Tumbuka Turkish Turkmen (Latin) Tuvaluan Tzotzil Uzbek (Latin) Venetian Vepsian Volapük Võro Wallisian Walloon Waray-Waray Warlpiri Wayuu Welsh Wik-Mungkan Wiradjuri Xhosa Yapese Yindjibarndi Zapotec Zulu Zuni

File Types: OTF, PDF
File Size: 9.38 MB

Release date: October 24, 2018

You can use this font for:
- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more
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