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Amfibia FONT Download

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Download nowDesigner: Roch Modrzejewski
Publisher: ROHH
Designed by Roch Modrzejewski, Amfibia is a sans serif font family. This typeface has one hundred styles and was published by ROHH.

Amfibia™ is a soft, flat-sided geometric grotesk family with a lot of character, equipped with tons of ligatures and swashes.

Its main function is display use of all kinds, however it is prepared to serve as paragraph text typeface thanks to its 5 widths, giving total amount of 100 fonts. It is crafted for a broad variety design situations - from posters, magazine editorial use, logo design & branding, to web design, user interfaces and mobile applications.

Main features:

- 5 widths (Narrow, Condensed, Normal, Expanded, Wide), each consisting 20 fonts

- 10 weights for each width (from Hairline to Black)

- handdrawn, carefully crafted obliques

- over 900 glyphs, full of swashes, initial forms, terminals and ligatures

- pronounced ink traps and large x-height improving legibility in small sizes as well as adding strong personality to display sizes

- flat-sided letter shapes adding vertical rhythm and elegance to narrow widths

- extended latin language support

- OpenType features (swashes, initials, terminals, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, contextual alternates, case sensitive forms, lining, oldstyle and tabular figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols)

Font Family:
· Amfibia Narrow Hairline
· Amfibia Narrow Hairline Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Ultra Thin
· Amfibia Narrow Ultra Thin Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Thin
· Amfibia Narrow Thin Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Light
· Amfibia Narrow Light Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Book
· Amfibia Narrow Book Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Regular
· Amfibia Narrow Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Demi Bold
· Amfibia Narrow Demi Bold Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Bold
· Amfibia Narrow Bold Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Extra Bold
· Amfibia Narrow Extra Bold Italic
· Amfibia Narrow Black
· Amfibia Narrow Black Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Hairline
· Amfibia Condensed Hairline Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Ultra Thin
· Amfibia Condensed Ultra Thin Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Thin
· Amfibia Condensed Thin Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Light
· Amfibia Condensed Light Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Book
· Amfibia Condensed Book Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Regular
· Amfibia Condensed Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Demi Bold
· Amfibia Condensed Demi Bold Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Bold
· Amfibia Condensed Bold Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Black
· Amfibia Condensed Black Italic
· Amfibia Condensed Extra Bold
· Amfibia Condensed Extra Bold Italic
· Amfibia Hairline
· Amfibia Hairline Italic
· Amfibia Ultra Thin
· Amfibia Ultra Thin Italic
· Amfibia Thin
· Amfibia Thin Italic
· Amfibia Light
· Amfibia Light Italic
· Amfibia Book
· Amfibia Book Italic
· Amfibia Regular
· Amfibia Italic
· Amfibia Demi Bold
· Amfibia Demi Bold Italic
· Amfibia Bold
· Amfibia Bold Italic
· Amfibia Extra Bold
· Amfibia Extra Bold Italic
· Amfibia Black
· Amfibia Black Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Hairline
· Amfibia Expanded Hairline Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Ultra Thin
· Amfibia Expanded Ultra Thin Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Thin
· Amfibia Expanded Thin Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Light
· Amfibia Expanded Light Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Book
· Amfibia Expanded Book Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Regular
· Amfibia Expanded Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Demi Bold
· Amfibia Expanded Demi Bold Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Bold
· Amfibia Expanded Bold Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Extra Bold
· Amfibia Expanded Extra Bold Italic
· Amfibia Expanded Black
· Amfibia Expanded Black Italic
· Amfibia Wide Hairline
· Amfibia Wide Hairline Italic
· Amfibia Wide Ultra Thin
· Amfibia Wide Ultra Thin Italic
· Amfibia Wide Thin
· Amfibia Wide Thin Italic
· Amfibia Wide Light
· Amfibia Wide Light Italic
· Amfibia Wide Book
· Amfibia Wide Book Italic
· Amfibia Wide Regular
· Amfibia Wide Italic
· Amfibia Wide Demi Bold
· Amfibia Wide Demi Bold Italic
· Amfibia Wide Bold
· Amfibia Wide Bold Italic
· Amfibia Wide Extra Bold
· Amfibia Wide Extra Bold Italic
· Amfibia Wide Black
· Amfibia Wide Black Italic

File Size: 14.59 MB

Release date: October 29, 2021

You can use this font for:
- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more
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