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Geogrotesque Sharp FONT Download

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Download nowDesigner: Eduardo Manso
Publisher: Emtype Foundry
Geogrotesque Sharp was designed by Eduardo Manso and published by Emtype Foundry. Geogrotesque Sharp contains 99 styles and family package options. The font is currently #34 in Hot New Fonts. 

Geogrotesque Sharp is a superfamily of seven widths and 99 styles, that puts together the work of a decade. Some design aspects has been simplified but without losing its soul, we have removed ink traps and rounded corners. This update lead Geogrotesque to another dimension, becoming more usable and less idiosyncratic. A Variable Font version is included with the family, or as a separate style. Despite being more web oriented, this new format has gained popularity in recent years, so we thought it was the right moment to launch a variable Geogrotesque. For more info visit emtype website.

Font Family:
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp XCompressed Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Compressed Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Condensed Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Wide Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Extended Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Thin
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Thin Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Ultra Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Ultra Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Light
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Light Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Regular
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Regular Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Medium
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Medium Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Semi Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Semi Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Bold
· Geogrotesque Sharp Expanded Bold Italic
· Geogrotesque Sharp Variable

File Size: 11.55 MB

Tags: advertising, bauhaus, bestseller, boxy, condensed, corporate, css, din, display, economy, editorial, elegant, eurostile, expanded, extended, finances, friendly, futuristic, geometric, geometric sans, grotesk, grotesque, industrial, informal, legible, logotype, magazine, multipurpose, neutral, novarese, original, packaging, poster, pragmatic, responsive, sans, sans-serif, sans serif, sansserif, soft, sport, sporty, square, squarish, static, superfamily, swiss, technical, text, variable, variables, versatile, wayfinding, workhorse

Release date: June 16, 2021

You can use this font for:
- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more
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