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Herokid FONT Download

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Download nowDesigner: Gaspar Muñoz
Publisher: W Type Foundry
Herokid was designed by Gaspar Muñoz and published by W Type Foundry. Herokid contains 98 styles and family package options. The font is currently #50 in Hot New Fonts. 

Herokid is a grotesque style font, inspired by classic fonts like Helvetica, Impact and Univers, with a dynamic, versatile and flexible personality. It ranges from Thin to Heavy, and from UltraCompressed to UltraExpanded.

It's a huge family, with 96 variants adaptable to kinds of design projects providing flexibility for their creation.


Consider Herokid your new workhorse, you will be able to generate high-impact headlines, subtitles and/or text; all with the same font family.

The mixture of wide and condensed sets allows for versatile combinations and can give great movement to a design, while the regular weights can be used for text bodies. The heavier weights also stand out, with its very full shapes with small counterforms, ideal for big headlines.

Font Family:
· Herokid Herokid Variable
· Herokid Herokid Italic Variable
· Herokid Thin Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Thin Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Extra Light Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Extra Light Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Light Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Light Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Regular Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Regular Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Semi Bold Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Semi Bold Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Bold Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Bold Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Extra Bold Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Extra Bold Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Heavy Ultra Condensed
· Herokid Heavy Ultra Condensed Italic
· Herokid Thin Condensed
· Herokid Thin Condensed Italic
· Herokid Extra Light Condensed
· Herokid Extra Light Condensed Italic
· Herokid Light Condensed
· Herokid Light Condensed Italic
· Herokid Regular Condensed
· Herokid Regular Condensed Italic
· Herokid Semi Bold Condensed
· Herokid Semi Bold Condensed Italic
· Herokid Bold Condensed
· Herokid Bold Condensed Italic
· Herokid Extra Bold Condensed
· Herokid Extra Bold Condensed Italic
· Herokid Heavy Condensed
· Herokid Heavy Condensed Italic
· Herokid Thin Narrow
· Herokid Thin Narrow Italic
· Herokid Extra Light Narrow
· Herokid Extra Light Narrow Italic
· Herokid Light Narrow
· Herokid Light Narrow Italic
· Herokid Regular Narrow
· Herokid Regular Narrow Italic
· Herokid Semi Bold Narrow
· Herokid Semi Bold Narrow Italic
· Herokid Bold Narrow
· Herokid Bold Narrow Italic
· Herokid Extra Bold Narrow
· Herokid Extra Bold Narrow Italic
· Herokid Heavy Narrow
· Herokid Heavy Narrow Italic
· Herokid Thin
· Herokid Thin Italic
· Herokid Extra Light
· Herokid Extra Light Italic
· Herokid Light
· Herokid Light Italic
· Herokid Regular
· Herokid Regular Italic
· Herokid Semi Bold
· Herokid Semi Bold Italic
· Herokid Bold
· Herokid Bold Italic
· Herokid Extra Bold
· Herokid Extra Bold Italic
· Herokid Heavy
· Herokid Heavy Italic
· Herokid Thin Wide
· Herokid Thin Wide Italic
· Herokid Extra Light Wide
· Herokid Extra Light Wide Italic
· Herokid Light Wide
· Herokid Light Wide Italic
· Herokid Regular Wide
· Herokid Regular Wide Italic
· Herokid Semi Bold Wide
· Herokid Semi Bold Wide Italic
· Herokid Bold Wide
· Herokid Bold Wide Italic
· Herokid Extra Bold Wide
· Herokid Extra Bold Wide Italic
· Herokid Heavy Wide
· Herokid Heavy Wide Italic
· Herokid Thin Expanded
· Herokid Thin Expanded Italic
· Herokid Extra Light Expanded
· Herokid Extra Light Expanded Italic
· Herokid Light Expanded
· Herokid Light Expanded Italic
· Herokid Regular Expanded
· Herokid Regular Expanded Italic
· Herokid Semi Bold Expanded
· Herokid Semi Bold Expanded Italic
· Herokid Bold Expanded
· Herokid Bold Expanded Italic
· Herokid Extra Bold Expanded
· Herokid Extra Bold Expanded Italic
· Herokid Heavy Expanded
· Herokid Heavy Expanded Italic

File Size: 9.97 MB

Tags: condensed, contemporary, expanded, expanded display, extrawide, extra wide, geometric sans, gothic, impact, modern, sans, ultra-expanded, ultra condensed, ultracondensed, ultra expanded, universe, variable, variable-font, variablefont, variable type, variable width, versatile, versatility, weight variable, wide, w type foundry

Release date: October 26, 2021

You can use this font for:
- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more
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