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Lektorat FONT Download

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Download nowDesigner: Florian Fecher
Publisher: TypeTogether
Lektorat was designed by Florian Fecher and published by TypeTogether. Lektorat contains 27 styles and family package options. The font is currently #48 in Hot New Fonts. 

Florian Fecher's Lektorat font family is one for the books, and for the screens, and for the magazines. While an editorial's main goals are to entertain, inform, and persuade, more should be considered. For example, clear divisions are necessary, not just from one article to the next, but in how each is positioned as op-ed or fact-based, infographic or table, vilifying or uplifting. From masthead to colophon, Lektorat has six concise text styles and 21 display styles to captivate, educate, and motivate within any editorial purpose.

Magazines and related publications are notoriously difficult to brand and then to format accordingly. The research behind Lektorat focused on expression versus communication and what it takes for a great typeface to accomplish both tasks. In the changeover from the 19th to 20th century, German type foundry Schelter & Giesecke published several grotesque families that would become Lektorat's partial inspiration. Experimentation with concepts from different exemplars gave birth to Lektorat's manifest character traits: raised shoulders, deep incisions within highly contrasted junctions, and asymmetrical counters in a sans family.

After thoroughly analysing magazine publishing and editorial designs, Florian discovered that a concise setup is sufficient for general paragraph text. So Lektorat's text offering is concentrated into six total styles: regular, semibold, and bold with their obliques. Stylistic sets are equally minimal; an alternate 'k, K' and tail-less 'a' appear in text only. No fluff, no wasted "good intentions", just a laser-like suite to focus the reader on the words.

The display styles were another matter. They aim to attract attention in banners, as oversized type filling small spaces, photo knockouts, and in subsidiary headings like decks, callouts, sections, and more. For these reasons, three dialed-in widths - Narrow, Condensed, and Compressed - complete the display offerings in seven upright weights each, flaunting 21 headlining fonts in total. If being on font technology's cutting edge is more your goal, the Lektorat type family is optionally available in three small variable font files for ultimate control and data savings.

The Lektorat typeface was forged with a steel spine for pixel and print publishing. It unwaveringly informs, convincingly persuades, and aesthetically entertains when the tone calls for it. Its sans serif forms expand in methodical ways until the heaviest two weights close in, highlighting its irrepressible usefulness to the very end. Lektorat is an example of how much we relish entering into an agreed battle of persuasion - one which both sides actually enjoy.

Font Family:
· Lektorat Compressed Extralight
· Lektorat Compressed Light
· Lektorat Compressed Regular
· Lektorat Compressed Semibold
· Lektorat Compressed Bold
· Lektorat Compressed Extrabold
· Lektorat Compressed Black
· Lektorat Condensed Extralight
· Lektorat Condensed Light
· Lektorat Condensed Regular
· Lektorat Condensed Semibold
· Lektorat Condensed Bold
· Lektorat Condensed Extrabold
· Lektorat Condensed Black
· Lektorat Narrow Extralight
· Lektorat Narrow Light
· Lektorat Narrow Regular
· Lektorat Narrow Semibold
· Lektorat Narrow Bold
· Lektorat Narrow Extrabold
· Lektorat Narrow Black
· Lektorat Regular
· Lektorat Oblique
· Lektorat Semibold
· Lektorat Semibold Oblique
· Lektorat Bold
· Lektorat Bold Oblique

File Size: 3.70 MB

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Release date: March 22, 2022

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