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Mallela Typeface + BONUS FONT Download

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Mallela Typeface + BONUS downloadPublisher: Juru Aksara
Category: Fonts Display

Tropica Imaginaria

This description is the brainchild from the tropical island. The essence of a trend will always be rotating, because of his fate? boredom of viewers? or the moral decline of the artwork hijackers?

Lately, vintage themes in the design world always showed up, have you ever thought that the word "vintage" is a colonization of meaning, where the word means junk, old-fashioned, ancient, etc.

Yet in his time the "vintage" was something that was sophisticated, cutting-edge, futuristic, visionary and so forth. At the time, the designers had thought of cool works for one step ahead, believed his work will surely re-appear in the future. Then now there is so much people that to try to currently working bring it back nor to imitate what we now call it vintage.

Malela, a grand offering to the predecessor designers, who carried the spirit of the past where the triumph of design and art brings culture more advanced.

The glory when art meets industry ultimately makes mechanical things make sense. The glory when design meets business, where consumers can recognize the products. The glory when billboards, signage, flyers, etc are masterpiece not visual waste.

The rotation of the trend is certain but the original work are the first. Malela is a true work that adheres to the real basis of vintages.

File Types: OTF, EPS, AI
File Size: 13.96 MB

Release date: October 21, 2019
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