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Myriad Hebrew FONT Download

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Download nowPublisher: Adobe
Myriad® Hebrew is a sans serif font family. This typeface has twenty styles and was published by Adobe.

Robert Slimbach designed Myriad Hebrew as a companion to the Western scripts in the Myriad Pro family. The Hebrew design’s simple yet elegant letterforms retain the qualities of functionality and readability that have made its Latin counterpart so popular. Rooted in the calligraphic tradition of classical Hebrew, the Myriad Hebrew letterforms interpret an underlying handwritten foundation for use in simple and clear modern sans-serif forms. Myriad Hebrew has a character all its own that comes from balancing traditional script authenticity on the one hand, and design compatibility with the corresponding Latin on the other. Like the Western family, Myriad Hebrew performs well in both running text and headlines. The family includes both Italic and Alternate Italic designs to accommodate Western-style emphasis when needed, as well as the less commonly included Cursive style, which is ideal for informal and children’s texts.

Font Family:
· Myriad® Hebrew Light
· Myriad® Hebrew Light Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Regular
· Myriad® Hebrew Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Semi Bold
· Myriad® Hebrew Semi Bold Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Bold
· Myriad® Hebrew Bold Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Alternate Light Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Alternate Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Alternate Semi Bold Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Alternate Bold Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Light
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Light Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Regular
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Semi Bold
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Semi Bold Italic
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Bold
· Myriad® Hebrew Cursive Bold Italic

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Myriad Hebrew Font Preview
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