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Oddlini FONT Download

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Download nowDesigner: Shuji Kikuchi
Publisher: sugargliderz
Designed by Shuji Kikuchi, Oddlini is a sans serif font family. This typeface has three hundred and sixty styles and was published by sugargliderz.

Inside my head, there are a number of forms of Sans Serif typefaces, and I cannot put aside any single one of them. Even if they were in the way of the reading process, I still think they form splendid letters. For me, when I hear for example “Sans Serif”, then immediately Helvetica comes to my mind, even though I don’t think that it is the best Sans Serif out there. Of course it is a great typeface, but I believe that one should not be fixated on the association of Sans Serif = Helvetica. It is just that Sans Serif goes hand in hand with Helvetica after all, and I don’t think it is exaggerated to say that everyone throughout the world would agree. In my head there is no conflict about this either, and I readily agree with this thinking. However, just because of that I don’t necessarily spend time studying Helvetica in detail and analyzing its subtleties in order to progress with a design. I am just clear about the fact that the mental picture of a typeface which I deem important when working on a design is a grotesque typeface like Akzidenz Grotesk. Of course I don’t intend to recut it, but to reverse the way of thinking even further, and have often designed with the vague image of, for example, an old unrefined typeface in mind.

Font Family:
· Oddlini Thin
· Oddlini Extra Light
· Oddlini Light
· Oddlini Regular
· Oddlini Medium
· Oddlini Semi Bold
· Oddlini Bold
· Oddlini Extra Bold
· Oddlini Black
· Oddlini Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Thin
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Regular
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Medium
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Extra Black
· Oddlini Condensed Thin
· Oddlini Condensed Extra Light
· Oddlini Condensed Light
· Oddlini Condensed Regular
· Oddlini Condensed Medium
· Oddlini Condensed Semi Bold
· Oddlini Condensed Bold
· Oddlini Condensed Extra Bold
· Oddlini Condensed Black
· Oddlini Condensed Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Thin
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Regular
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Medium
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Thin
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Regular
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Medium
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Extra Black
· Oddlini Expanded Thin
· Oddlini Expanded Extra Light
· Oddlini Expanded Light
· Oddlini Expanded Regular
· Oddlini Expanded Medium
· Oddlini Expanded Semi Bold
· Oddlini Expanded Bold
· Oddlini Expanded Extra Bold
· Oddlini Expanded Black
· Oddlini Expanded Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Thin
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Regular
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Medium
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Extra Black
· Oddlini SeObli Thin
· Oddlini SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini SeObli Light
· Oddlini SeObli Regular
· Oddlini SeObli Medium
· Oddlini SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini SeObli Bold
· Oddlini SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini SeObli Black
· Oddlini SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Light
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Black
· Oddlini Condensed SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Light
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Black
· Oddlini Expanded SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded SeObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Obli Thin
· Oddlini Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Obli Light
· Oddlini Obli Regular
· Oddlini Obli Medium
· Oddlini Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Obli Bold
· Oddlini Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Obli Black
· Oddlini Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Thin
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Regular
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Medium
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Thin
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Light
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Regular
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Medium
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Bold
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Black
· Oddlini Condensed Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Thin
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Regular
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Medium
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Thin
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Regular
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Medium
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Thin
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Light
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Regular
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Medium
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Bold
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Black
· Oddlini Expanded Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Thin
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Regular
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Medium
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded Obli Extra Black
· Oddlini UtObli Thin
· Oddlini UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini UtObli Light
· Oddlini UtObli Regular
· Oddlini UtObli Medium
· Oddlini UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini UtObli Bold
· Oddlini UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini UtObli Black
· Oddlini UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Light
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Black
· Oddlini Ultra Condensed UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Light
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Black
· Oddlini Extra Condensed UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Light
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Black
· Oddlini Condensed UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Light
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Black
· Oddlini Semi Condensed UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Light
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Black
· Oddlini Semi Expanded UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Light
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Black
· Oddlini Expanded UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Light
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Black
· Oddlini Extra Expanded UtObli Extra Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Thin
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Extra Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Light
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Regular
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Medium
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Semi Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Extra Bold
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Black
· Oddlini Ultra Expanded UtObli Extra Black

File Size: 3.98 MB

Release date: July 10, 2019

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- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more

Oddlini Font Preview
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