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Download nowDesigner: Michael Hagemann
Publisher: FontMesa
Designed by Michael Hagemann, Texicali is a sans serif font family. This typeface has one hundred and seventy-six styles and was published by FontMesa.

Texicali is a new multiple weight type design based on our FontMesa logo. The idea was simple: create a sans serif with a few slab serifs added resulting in a style that could feel at home just about anywhere. The regular set works well for general use while the Alt set is perfect for when you want to add a little country charm.

The Alt set has a few additional alternate letters built in which are easily accessed using Adobe Creative Suite products such as Illustrator and In Design.

The X version, with its higher x-height lowercase, is ideal for signage where you want the look of a lowercase, however your sign still needs to be readable from the street.

Larger x-heights also come in handy for web use helping to make the text more readable on smaller devices. Some foundries refer to these fonts as e-text, but we’re simply identifying them with a large X.

Font Family:
· Texicali Thin
· Texicali Thin Italic
· Texicali Extra Light
· Texicali Extra Light Italic
· Texicali Light
· Texicali Light Italic
· Texicali Regular
· Texicali Italic
· Texicali Medium
· Texicali Medium Italic
· Texicali Semi Bold
· Texicali Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali Bold
· Texicali Bold Italic
· Texicali Extra Bold
· Texicali Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali Heavy
· Texicali Heavy Italic
· Texicali Black
· Texicali Black Italic
· Texicali Black Extra
· Texicali Black Italic Extra
· Texicali Alt Thin
· Texicali Alt Thin Italic
· Texicali Alt Extra Light
· Texicali Alt Extra Light Italic
· Texicali Alt Light
· Texicali Alt Light Italic
· Texicali Alt Regular
· Texicali Alt Italic
· Texicali Alt Medium
· Texicali Alt Medium Italic
· Texicali Alt Semi Bold
· Texicali Alt Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt Bold
· Texicali Alt Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt Extra Bold
· Texicali Alt Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt Heavy
· Texicali Alt Heavy Italic
· Texicali Alt Black
· Texicali Alt Black Italic
· Texicali Alt Black Extra
· Texicali Alt Black Italic Extra
· Texicali Alt X Thin
· Texicali Alt X Thin Italic
· Texicali Alt X Extra Light
· Texicali Alt X Extra Light Italic
· Texicali Alt X Light
· Texicali Alt X Light Italic
· Texicali Alt X Regular
· Texicali Alt X Italic
· Texicali Alt X Medium
· Texicali Alt X Medium Italic
· Texicali Alt X Semi Bold
· Texicali Alt X Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt X Bold
· Texicali Alt X Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt X Extra Bold
· Texicali Alt X Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt X Heavy
· Texicali Alt X Heavy Italic
· Texicali Alt X Black
· Texicali Alt X Black Italic
· Texicali Alt X Black Extra
· Texicali Alt X Black Italic Extra
· Texicali X Thin
· Texicali X Thin Italic
· Texicali X Extra Light
· Texicali X Extra Light Italic
· Texicali X Light
· Texicali X Light Italic
· Texicali X Regular
· Texicali X Italic
· Texicali X Medium
· Texicali X Medium Italic
· Texicali X Semi Bold
· Texicali X Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali X Bold
· Texicali X Bold Italic
· Texicali X Extra Bold
· Texicali X Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali X Heavy
· Texicali X Heavy Italic
· Texicali X Black
· Texicali X Black Italic
· Texicali X Black Extra
· Texicali X Black Italic Extra
· Texicali Alt S Thin
· Texicali Alt S Thin Italic
· Texicali Alt S Extra Light
· Texicali Alt S Extra Light Italic
· Texicali Alt S Light
· Texicali Alt S Light Italic
· Texicali Alt S Regular
· Texicali Alt S Italic
· Texicali Alt S Medium
· Texicali Alt S Medium Italic
· Texicali Alt S Semi Bold
· Texicali Alt S Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt S Bold
· Texicali Alt S Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt S Extra Bold
· Texicali Alt S Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt S Heavy
· Texicali Alt S Heavy Italic
· Texicali Alt S Black
· Texicali Alt S Black Italic
· Texicali Alt S Black Extra
· Texicali Alt S Black Italic Extra
· Texicali Alt SC Thin
· Texicali Alt SC Thin Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Extra Light
· Texicali Alt SC Extra Light Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Light
· Texicali Alt SC Light Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Regular
· Texicali Alt SC Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Medium
· Texicali Alt SC Medium Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Semi Bold
· Texicali Alt SC Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Bold
· Texicali Alt SC Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Extra Bold
· Texicali Alt SC Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Heavy
· Texicali Alt SC Heavy Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Black
· Texicali Alt SC Black Italic
· Texicali Alt SC Black Extra
· Texicali Alt SC Black Italic Extra
· Texicali S Thin
· Texicali S Thin Italic
· Texicali S Extra Light
· Texicali S Extra Light Italic
· Texicali S Light
· Texicali S Light Italic
· Texicali S Regular
· Texicali S Italic
· Texicali S Medium
· Texicali S Medium Italic
· Texicali S Semi Bold
· Texicali S Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali S Bold
· Texicali S Bold Italic
· Texicali S Extra Bold
· Texicali S Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali S Heavy
· Texicali S Heavy Italic
· Texicali S Black
· Texicali S Black Italic
· Texicali S Black Extra
· Texicali S Black Italic Extra
· Texicali SC Thin
· Texicali SC Thin Italic
· Texicali SC Extra Light
· Texicali SC Extra Light Italic
· Texicali SC Light
· Texicali SC Light Italic
· Texicali SC Regular
· Texicali SC Italic
· Texicali SC Medium
· Texicali SC Medium Italic
· Texicali SC Semi Bold
· Texicali SC Semi Bold Italic
· Texicali SC Bold
· Texicali SC Bold Italic
· Texicali SC Extra Bold
· Texicali SC Extra Bold Italic
· Texicali SC Heavy
· Texicali SC Heavy Italic
· Texicali SC Black
· Texicali SC Black Italic
· Texicali SC Black Extra
· Texicali SC Black Italic Extra

File Size: 6.89 MB

Release date: June 16, 2017

You can use this font for:
- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more

Texicali Font Preview
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