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Cosmos FONT Download

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Download nowDesigner: Lauritta Ivanova
Publisher: Luxfont
Cosmos was designed by Lauritta Ivanova and published by Luxfont. Cosmos contains 11 styles and family package options. The font is currently #9 in Hot New Fonts. 

tIntroducing space-bright COLORED hologram fonts. Soft color transitions combined with minimalistic clean glyphs. Ideal for modern web and print design. The excellent readability of glyphs for both the title and the large volume of text is preserved. A multi-colored modern family with different types of coloring - a highlighted gradient border of letters or fully hologram glyphs - a large selection of 11 ready-made font styles. The originality of the font will fit well into the fashionable logo, headline in the magazine or on the website, emphasize the trend of the product in branding and complement web advertising on social media.

tThis font family is based on the Regular font Boldini - which means that if necessary you can combine these two families and they will be absolutely stylistically identical and complement each other.


11 OTF SVG color fonts in the familyGradient and hologram fontsKerning


- OTF SVG fonts contain vector letters with gradients and transparency.

- Multicolor OTF version of this font will show up only in apps that are compatible with color fonts, like Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 and above, Illustrator CC 2018. Learn more about color fonts & their support in third-party apps on

- Don't worry about what you can't see the preview of the font in the tab 'Individual Styles' - all fonts are working and have passed technical inspection, but not displayed, they just because the website MyFonts is not yet able to show a preview of colored fonts. Then if you have software with support colored fonts - you can be sure that after installing fonts into the system you will be able to use them like every other classic font.


How to install a font?

The procedure for installing the font in the system has not changed. Install the font as you would install the classic OTF | TTF fonts.

How can I change the font color to my color? 

Adobe Illustrator:

Convert text to outline and easily change color to your taste as if you were repainting a simple vector shape.

Adobe Photoshop: 

You can easily repaint text layer with Layer effects and color overlay. 

Font Family:
· Cosmos Type 1
· Cosmos Type 2
· Cosmos Type 3
· Cosmos Type 4
· Cosmos Type 5
· Cosmos Type 6
· Cosmos Type 7
· Cosmos Type 8
· Cosmos Type 9
· Cosmos Type 10
· Cosmos Type 11

File Size: 14.85 MB

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Release date: May 26, 2020

You can use this font for:
- Design projects: create images or vector artwork, including logos
- Website publishing: create a Web Project to add any font from our service to your website
- PDFs: embed fonts in PDFs for viewing and printing
- Video and broadcast: use fonts to create in-house or commercial video content and more
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