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Download nowDesigner: Rian Hughes
Publisher: Device
Korolev was designed by Rian Hughes and published by Device. Korolev contains 72 styles and family package options.  

DF Korolev is a 72 weight sans serif family based on lettering by an anonymous Soviet graphic designer from the propaganda displays at the Communist Red Square parade in 1937. It has been named in honor of Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov, or Korolev, considered by many to be the father of practical astronomics.

Try the 'rounded' and 'rough' companion families.

The Alternate families come with a double-story "a".

Tracings done in Illustrator over a photograph featuring this type pinned down some of the basic character shapes. These were then imported into FontLab, where the full glyph complement was developed. The lower-case has been designed from scratch, and adheres to the structural logic of the uppercase as closely as possible. The complete Korolev super-family includes standard, italic, condensed, and compressed versions, each in five weights.

Font Family:
· Korolev Thin
· Korolev Thin Italic
· Korolev Extra Light
· Korolev Extra Light Italic
· Korolev Light
· Korolev Light Italic
· Korolev Regular
· Korolev Regular Italic
· Korolev Medium
· Korolev Medium Italic
· Korolev DemiBold
· Korolev Demi Bold Italic
· Korolev Bold
· Korolev Bold Italic
· Korolev Extra Bold
· Korolev Extra Bold Italic
· Korolev Heavy
· Korolev Heavy Italic
· Korolev Compressed Thin
· Korolev Compressed Extra Light
· Korolev Compressed Light
· Korolev Compressed Regular
· Korolev Compressed Medium
· Korolev Compressed Demi Bold
· Korolev Compressed Bold
· Korolev Compressed Extra Bold
· Korolev Compressed Heavy
· Korolev Condensed Thin
· Korolev Condensed Extra Light
· Korolev Condensed Light
· Korolev Condensed Regular
· Korolev Condensed Medium
· Korolev Condensed Demi Bold
· Korolev Condensed Bold
· Korolev Condensed Extra Bold
· Korolev Condensed Heavy
· Korolev Alternates Thin
· Korolev Alternates Thin Italic
· Korolev Alternates ExtraLight
· Korolev Alternates Extra Light Italic
· Korolev Alternates Light
· Korolev Alternates Light Italic
· Korolev Alternates Regular
· Korolev Alternates Regular Italic
· Korolev Alternates Medium
· Korolev Alternates Medium Italic
· Korolev Alternates Demi Bold
· Korolev Alternates Demi Bold Italic
· Korolev Alternates Bold
· Korolev Alternates Bold Italic
· Korolev Alternates Extra Bold
· Korolev Alternates Extra Bold Italic
· Korolev Alternates Heavy
· Korolev Alternates Heavy Italic
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Thin
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Extra Light
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Light
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Regular
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Medium
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Demi Bold
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Bold
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Extra Bold
· Korolev Compressed Alternates Heavy
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Thin
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Extra Light
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Light
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Regular
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Medium
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Demi Bold
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Bold
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Extra Bold
· Korolev Condensed Alternates Heavy

File Size: 19.68 MB

Tags: advertising, all-purpose, alternate, alternates, app, basic, bold, book, brand, branding, broker, business, city, classic, clean, commercial, communist, company, compressed, condensed, contemporary, corporate, decorative, din, display, editorial, elegant, european, family, fashion, fashionable, film, formal, fresh, functional, futuristic, geometric, geometric sans, grotesk, grotesque, hairline, headline, headlines, heavy, high-end, high tech, identity, industrial, industry, interactive worship, italic, joel, klavika, legible, lettering, logical, logo, logos, logotype, love, luxury, machine, magazine, magazines, masculine, minimal, modern, monoline, multilingual, narrow, neutral, news, newspaper, no-nonsense, opentype, packaging, poster, precise, print, publishing, rational, readable, road sign, round, rounded, russian, sans, sans-serif, sans serif, sans serif, sci-fi, screen, screen-optimised, sharp, sign, signage, simple, smooth, soft, sophisticated, square, squarish, stencil, sterile, straightforward, strong, stylish, swiss, tech, technical, techno, technology, text, thin, trend, versatile, web, webfont, web optimised, workhorse, уже есть

Release date: April 19, 2011

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Korolev Font Preview
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